The Charitable Industries and Integrated Marketing Communications

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The $1 trillion vehicle market is international. Discuss how some of the main European, Indian, Korean, and Japanese firms adapt to shifting purchasing preferences within this industry with an eye toward Europe but with a primary focus on the UK. In other situations, brands like Hyundai have done away with the salesperson in their buying journey business model, while Audi is actively using virtual reality headsets.
You must comprehend the supply and demand factors that affect purchases of luxury and prestige vehicles in this essay and how high-end firms like Aston Martin interact with their target markets differently.
a) Contextually explain where Content Marketing fits within the Marketing Communications paradigm in today’s multichannel world using knowledge of and references to the Communication Mix. Take a stance on whether Content Marketing will eventually replace current broadcast communications channels like TV advertising and whether it is more adaptable for specific goods or services by making an argument. (40%)

b) Create a marketing communications plan and use a? 5,000 marketing budget to introduce a luxury brand to the UK automotive market. The finished product is a Jaguar C Type 3.4 with a 6-cylinder engine and 265 brake horsepower. Right or left-hand drives are available for this device. On the other hand, export restrictions on emissions prevent it from going to the USA or Germany. The vehicle is fuel-powered. Consider the brand positioning, relevant platforms, and customer-focused messaging for the car. (60%)

Students should be able to when they have successfully finished the module:

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1. Be able to apply the main marketing communications principles to current marketing scenarios while critically analyzing the benefits and limitations of those concepts.
2. Identify and evaluate several methods for creating a marketing communications strategy.
3. Exhibit proficiency in using secondary data to clarify or bolster claims in marketing communications decision-making.
4. Analyze and assess firms’ use of marketing communications methods in various circumstances.
5. Utilize a “live” brief and the relevant knowledge and abilities to create an integrated marketing communications strategy.



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