Integrated Marketing Communications and the Charitable Industries

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The billion dollar automobile industry is a global. With Europe in mind but focusing primarily on the UK, address how some of the major European, Indian, Korean and Japanese brands are adjusting to changing purchasing trends within this sector. Brands such as the Hyundal have eliminated the sales person in their purchasing journey business model (in particular cases), whilst Audi are currently making use of virtual reality headsets.
In this paper, you need to understand the supply and demand dynamics of the relationship towards luxury / prestige car purchases and how top end brands, such as Aston Martin communicate differently to their target audience.
a) Justify contextually with knowledge and reference to the Communication Mix, where Content Marketing sits within the Marketing Communications paradigm today in a multichannel world. Adopt a position through an argument as to whether Content Marketing will eventually replace existing forms of broadcast communications such as TV advertising and whether it is more malleable for certain products or services (40%)

b) Write a Marketing Communications plan and launch a luxury brand in the UK car market with ?5,000 marketing budget. The product is a Jaguar ? C Type 3.4 engine car with full aluminium body, 6-cylinder engine and 265 brake horsepower. This product can be customised as a right or left hand drive. It cannot however, be exported to the USA or Germany due to emission regulations. The car runs on petrol. Think of the brand positioning, appropriate channels and messaging of the car to target customers. (60%)

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On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

1. Critically analyse advantages and limitations of the main marketing Communications concepts and be able to apply them to current marketing scenarios
2. Identify and appraise various approaches to the design of marketing communications strategies
3. Demonstrate the skills of using secondary data to illustrate or support arguments in the context of marketing communications decision-making
4. Critically analyse and evaluate marketing communications strategies employed by organizations in different contexts
5. Use and apply the appropriate knowledge and skills to develop an integrated marketing communications strategy using a ?live? brief

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