Integrating training and development with performance management

Description PART 2 OF ORDER # ID7527505347 In your professional experience, have you seen a strong connection between training and performance? Although it seems logical that improved skills lead to improved performance, is this always the case? Explore how to integrate training and other learning or development strategies with performance management systems. You will explore how training and development might help in overcoming the implementation challenges you identified last week. • Share your thoughts about how integrating training, development and individual/organisational learning strategies with performance management could help overcome the implementation challenges you previously identified. In your discussion, consider what new challenges could arise, and how these might impact employee engagement, capability and performance • Proposing ways in which the implementation of performance management systems could be enhanced by integrating training and development • Additionally, address technology-supported solutions for training and development in connection with performance management. • A practical example must be included in the piece to synthesize real life experience with the theories mentioned to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and strengthen your response. PLEASE USE ACADEMIC JOURNALS ONLY AS REFERENCE

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