Intellectual Property Essay (Samsung and Apple)

PROMPT: Samsung and Apple continue to fight to protect their rights to their intellectual property. Similarly, any company will fight to protect the real, personal, or intellectual property on which its business, revenues, and reputation are based. These same property issues are at stake in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries where patents on medicines, medical devices, cutting-edge genomic therapies, etc. form much of a company’s livelihood. 1. How should a for-profit corporation balance its business needs with the needs of its customers? 2. Do companies whose mission is primarily to create products on which lives depend have a greater responsibility to tip the balance toward the consumer more than toward themselves? * Lives depend on products created by some companies. 3. If you were running such a company, looking at the issue from a Biblical worldview, how would you respond? 4. Creator v. Consumer in the creation and management of intellectual property * Profit and return on investment for company owners/shareholders * Continuing existence of the company * Any legal and ethical concepts you believe may be relevant for protecting the intellectual property of the company * Needs of patients, practitioners, and society 5. Biblical support and guidance for your positions > Support your assertions with at least 6 scholarly sources, OF WHICH a MINIMUM OF 3 must be Primary or Secondary Sources. > Post will be a minimum of 1500 words. Demonstrate course-related knowledge. Do not ramble, arrange your information and present it clearly and concisely. > Include at least 3 separate biblical integrations, quoted and applied as an integral part of the discussion, in the context of a biblical worldview. Do not just add a random Bible verse.

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