Final Paper: Writing For Nursing Professional



Many of you have had issues with the title page. In the 7th ed APA, there is no Running head in student papers. Your title page should have:


Note that there are two double spaces between Title and Name, and one double space between the rest of the lines. The only element that is in bold font is the title.


Read the guidelines for the Final Paper

The paper is to be approximately six pages in length (about 1500 words) excluding the title page and reference page. The chosen issue is to be compared to a similar issue in the United States. Use the following questions to focus the paper. You may use the Introduction previously, but do not copy and paste other portions of your work.


  1. Discuss the health issue in the chosen country/community.


  1. Is the same health issue present in the United States?


  1. Identify an intervention (or interventions) that would address the identified health issue. There is no specified number of interventions required, but if education is chosen as an intervention it cannot be the only intervention. Would the proposed interventions differ between the chosen country and the U.S.?


Refer to the Rubric for how the paper will be evaluated

Suggested headings:


Title (centered)


Health Issue (centered)

               Introduction paragraph goes under this heading


              Impact and Importance (left justified)


              Consequences of not Addressing (left justified)


              SDOH (left justified)


Comparison to US (centered)


              Impact (left justified)


              Similarities and Differences (left justified)


              SDOH (left justified)


Interventions (centered)


Similarities and Differences (centered)




Be sure to include a paragraph under the centered headings, as well as the left justified headings




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