Interest group | Nursing homework help

Due, Sunday, 11/02/17 at 12pm
Presentations will be submitted via BB assignments drop box.
Students select an interest group (e.g., AARP, AHIP, Coalition for Health Services Research, Emergency Nurses Association, American Nurses Association, National League for Nursing, Pharma) and investigate the group’s key issues; what is their mission; what is their legislative agenda; how is the agenda developed; how is it communicated to members; how is their agenda pushed and promoted (i.e., mechanisms used to engage/attract and influence policy makers); what are the group’s current lobbying efforts; key partner coalitions; do their partnerships influence policies at the local, state or national level; key obstacles; and spending allocations (consult the Center for Responsible Politics, ).
In addition to investigating the interest group’s website and reviewing position statements and testimony, students should consult media reports to obtain more information on the group’s current lobbying efforts. 
Students should summarize their findings in a 1-2 page, single-spaced memo due November 5th. Students are also to submit a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses all the key questions listed in the first section of this page. Presentation is to be done in APA format and to include reference page. Both presentations and written memos are to be submitted via BB. Each group is to submit ONLY presentation and memo. 



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