Integration Project


Refer to the order description in the textbook’s last chapter at 1. Porter-OGrady & Malloch (2015) Dimensional Leadership. Fourth printing. MA: Jones & Bartlett, Sudbury. Pages 582 and 583 of the textbook “Synthesis and Synergy” have an ISBN of 9781284050684. Several ideas that can be used to build a leadership theory may come to light as we study this area. This final project aims to integrate the literature and your personal experiences into a cohesive paper. Build out and discuss the relationships you think are essential to understanding leadership, using these concluding paragraphs as a point of reference. Describe the workings of these relationships and the effects they have on the character of leadership. In the first paragraph of this essay, succinctly express the position you have come to hold towards leadership. The following minimum of fifteen (15) pages, excluding references, should be used to develop your perspective and justifications. Use academic references to back up your claims, and whenever you can, point out concepts and works of literature that conflict with them. Put these concepts into action by reflecting on your own experiences and observations.


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