Interior design of a hotel

It is about a Boutique Hotel Design Concept Research, Inspiration, Interior Mood • The integration of the research of the location into my choices for the direction/type of my boutique hotel (which is traditional modern from south of Arabica island.) what you should bout it in your mind: • how I can an identifiable application of this findings from my hotel research to shape the direction of my property in amenities and services to be provided. • how A defined cultural, social and/or ethical component to the hospitality environment. Define this in relationship to the concept and brand behind the space • Synopsis of literature review in Boutique Hotel design in Hospitality. Show the assimilation of findings into my design approach for the hotel. what you should writ about: 1. Look at historical significance to the chosen area, or interiors style, etc. and substantial origins to design your hotel. 2. Restaurant Research Roof Top type of restaurants. Look at various restaurant amenities and services that include casual dining, entertainment, Lifestyle and/or healing environments. 3. Cultural, Social, and/or Ceremonial spaces after the research in a direction for a cultural/theme concept to be integrated in the restaurant of your choice. 4. writ one of Theories in Hospitality, guestrooms, F&B outlets. Review current studies in design theories in hospitality in the built environment. Provide an evidence-based design (EBD) foundation for your design to promote Hospitality for both the social relationships. 5. Please use visual aids to communicate your findings. 6. Observational study of a space you find cultural, attractive and/or inviting. (Ex. could be centered display, try it before buying it tables or colors etc.) • Identify factors that impact you in answering “why this place provides a state of ethnicity, attraction to buy, and/or cultural satisfaction?” Is it colors, textures, displays, and/or tasting? Identify through the human senses and the elements/principles of design. Use visual aids to communicate your findings. • Take these findings and identify how the findings can be translated in the design of the built environment (ex. if the space is an appealing environment to buy, identify colors (blues, greens, etc.), textures (transparency, wood, etc.), maybe even use of shadow casting of trees visually in the space (lighting) — push creative ways to implement the findings in the built environment.) 7. Compare and Contrast three precedent studies of Boutique Hotel. 1- Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai 2-Al Bait Sharjah 3-Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf Look at the following and compare and contrast (be sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges): • The locations impact on the overall design • Services and amenities provided • Design concept or intent employed (if available). • Major design features and materials used (sustainability, employment of daylighting, open spaces, collaborative spaces, etc.)

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