Intermediate macro economic

 ECON3310 – Intermediate Macroeconomics – Fall 2018 Macro Media Commentary Assignment – DUE Tues Dec 11th, 2.00am. General For this part of your course evaluation, pick an article from the economic and financial media ( – that means The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, or something similar) relating to some aspect of the course or macroeconomic issue. All of these economic and financial media publications are available in the Bell Library in hard copy format or online. The format of the written assignment (checklist): • use Word or save the file in Word or pdf • between 300 and 600 words; write in your own words (no quotations) • at least two paragraphs: one paragraph summarizing the content of the media article, and another paragraph discussing how the article you have chosen relates to the course material • insert the heading of the news article at the top of your assignment • insert hyperlink (if online) or scan of source (if in print) of the article at the end of the assignment, DO NOT insert the whole article Standard Point Deductions: 1. At least 10% deduction applies to each violation of the above requirements. 2. Wrong topic – non-economics (70%); wrong topic but economics (20-50%) 3. Inappropriate materials – news older than a year (20%); methodological or conceptual articles from academic journals and publications instead of news (40%); blogs or opinions (30%) 4. Quotations of more than a single phrase or term (10-30%) 5. Media article length too short (20%) or too long (20%) 6. News article shorter than one page in print (20-40%) 7. Missing a hyperlink or source (30%) 8. Any similarity index score of over 20% will incur a point by point deduction from your score. So if you score a 40 for the similarity index, you have a 20% point deduction.

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