International Business: Two Parts – Consequences of Globalization

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INB-200 International Business

W1 – The Consequences of Globalization Paper

Part 1: DQ – Answer in 50 words or more:

One of the complaints often made about globalization is that it is diluting, if not destroying, key aspects of national culture. Read the article (attached) and then consider the questions:

  • Are the Chinese making valid arguments about cultural imperialism?
  • How would Americans respond if the reverse were true?
  • That is, what if movies from other cultures dominated our choice in movies?

Part 2: Assignment

Globalization has both potentially positive and negative consequences.

Select and research one of the following topics associated with globalization. For your selected topic, identify two countries or regions, one in the developed world and one in the developing world.

  • Globalization and the environment
  • Globalization and jobs and wages
  • Globalization and national sovereignty
  • Globalization and immigration
  • Globalization and healthcare

Write a 650 word document, using the Writing Assignment Template, in which you compare and contrast the effects of globalization and your topic on the two countries/regions. Consider both the positive effects and the negative effects.

Support your analysis with facts, country data, and statistics.

Cite at least 3 scholarly sources, 2 of which are scholarly sources from the Online Library.


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