Internet Computer Simulations


Computer simulations on the internet. Through a computer simulation, this activity incorporates online negotiation. On practically any computer with internet access, you can access this simulation. Visit at the address above. In this game, you’ll haggle over the purchase of art in a business-to-business setting. Once you get there, if you were successful, it will say, “Congratulations! You achieved the best possible outcome.” Please print that page or use your computer’s “print screen” function before starting Microsoft Word and pressing the “paste” key. Copy that page. If you thought this was helpful, you might want to keep doing some simulations that are comparable. If you decide to take advantage of these bonus chances, you must spend $5 to join Zap for a month before you can play “Union Vs. Management,” “Professionalism and Ethics,” and “The Raise.” Visit to access those games. You will once again arrive at a screen once each simulation is complete that says something like, “Congratulations! You achieved the best possible outcome,” although other results may also be reported. Please print the screen once again and then paste it into a Microsoft Word document. Send that to your professor, together with a message stating the name of the simulation and the assurance that you worked alone, as stated above. Each of these simulations that are successfully completed is worth up to 4 bonus points, for a total of 16 possible points. None of the other Zap scenarios are eligible for these additional points. This project must be submitted by November 11 during class.

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