interpersonal communication paper

Communication and Relationships in Film
You will look at several critical theories of interpersonal communication and apply them to the movie of your choosing in this essay. The emphasis will be on how communication is utilized to establish, foster, and end relationships, and many theories of each step will be covered. Learning about relationships and interpersonal communication will be made possible by the movie. You will evaluate what the movie revealed about how individuals interact with one another.

You must create a concise, three- to four-page analysis of the movie. Neither two and a half pages nor four and a half pages are acceptable. Three distinct sections should be included in your analysis:

Relationship development theories
Pick two of the relationship development theories that are covered in your book (pages 219-222), and then talk about how your movie exemplifies them. Each should be shown with a number of instances, and you should be sure to explain why you believe these ideas are especially applicable to the movie you have picked.

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Relationship Development Models
Explain how one of the relationship development models covered in your book (pages 223-227) is exemplified by a relationship in your movie. You should define each level of the model and provide a scene from the movie as an example.

Upkeep/Dissolution of a Relationship
On pages 230–232, talk about how one of the connections in your movie is maintained by the characters. On pages 232-238, talk about reasons why the relationship in your movie will end (or probably end). Be sure to discuss and give explicit examples of any uncomfortable communication behaviors the characters exhibit (if applicable).
In this essay, you must incorporate instances that you believe to be the most instructive, contentious, or even perhaps erroneous. You must also include an introduction and a conclusion. You will be required to talk about what happened, what people did, and why. For each case, pertinent communication theory and text should be introduced. Write this essay as though you’re going to share your experience and knowledge with someone unfamiliar with communication theory. That “pretend reader” ought to get a lot of knowledge from reading your essay.

The dialogue from the movie should not be included in this essay because it is not a review of the movie you have picked. I should be able to comprehend your analysis after reading your work from the standpoint of interpersonal communication theory, not just as someone who saw the movie and wrote about it. Your objective should be to show that you are familiar with the theories covered in your book.

There is no need for a cover page, and the paper should be 3–4 typed pages with 1-inch margins and Times New Roman font in 12-point size. You must reference the course content using MLA style. Include your last name and the assignment when saving your document, and choose to save it as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or.docx) or a Rich Text File (.rtf).

You may pick any movie you like, but pick one that will offer you something to work with. For instance, if you decide on an action movie with limited conversation, you will only be able to write about nonverbal exchanges, which will be more challenging. If you’re having difficulties coming up with a movie to write about, I have plenty of recommendations, some of which are listed below:
(2006) The Break Up | View with Open Captions
(2000) Meet the Parents
Language (2004)
1989’s When Harry Met Sally Open captions are available for Up In the Air (2010).
(2000)’s High Fidelity



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