PNC Bank’s financial report

Important Task

Visit PNC Bank’s website to access the financial report. Explain and discuss each of the four fundamental financial statements that the company has provided for its most recent years of operations using PNC Bank’s financial statements.
• Introduce PNC in your paper’s opening paragraph.
What industry is it in?
o How long has the company been in operation?
o Who are PNC’s main rivals? Are they retailers, distributors, service providers, or manufacturers?
o Does the PNC sell and provide service to a domestic or foreign market?
o What historical occurrences contributed to the current state of the business?
o Why did you pick this business?
o What do you want to gain from researching this business?
• Discuss each of the companies’ financial statements next.
o A statement of income? Is the business profitable? Does it have increasing sales and profits? What are the main components of its expenses? Does the PNC seem to be expanding in line with sales at a healthy rate?
Balance Sheet? Is the company’s equity, liabilities, and assets increasing or decreasing? Which specific accounts are expanding or contracting, and should you be worried about anything here?
Statement of Stockholders Equity? What actions fell under each of the main categories, and which ones had the most significant impact? Which of the following categories have you never seen before?
Statement of Cash Flows? What portion of the change in cash was due to business operations, investments, and financing? What does it imply if the changes were positive or negative? Which changes concern you the most, and why?
• Summarize your initial findings in your final analysis of the company’s financials, and based on this initial examination, determine the health of the company. After conducting a thorough formal investigation of the company, you will compare your initial assessment with the final opinion you come to.
Make sure to support your claims with reliable sources, in-text citations, and references in accordance with the APA style manual.


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