Intersectionality paper proposal

Williams Crenshaw introduced the term intersectionality in 1989 to explain how complex identities based on race, sexuality, class,
age intersect with gender and inform and influence womens lives, including their economic and social locations. The matrix of
domination, developed a year later by Patricia Hill Collins in 1990, provides a conceptual structure to assist our understanding of
the various social locations that result from complex identities in both privileged and oppressed groups.
People use intersectionality as an analytic tool to solve problems that they or others around them face. Most Colleges and
Universities, for example, face the challenge of building more inclusive and fair campus communities. The social divisions of class,
race, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, sexuality and ability are especially evident within higher education. Colleges and Universities now
include more college students who historically faced discrimination barriers to enrollment (race, gender, ethnicity or citizenship status,
religion) or students who face distinctive barriers and discriminations (sexuality and ability) on college campuses. Students want
fairness yet want to bring very different experiences and needs to campus. Ordinary people can draw on intersectionality as an
analytic tool when they recognize that they need better frameworks to grapple with the complex discriminations they face (Collins,
Intersectional Paper Proposal: For this assignment, students will write a short proposal in preparation for the final
course paper addressing the complexity of identity and the effects of intersectionality in their lives. The proposal should
be two pages, 500-750 words. It must
Articulate the intersection of identities chosen and why.
Demonstrate clear relevance to course themes and texts.
Provide an outline/structure of the final paper.
Provide an annotated bibliography, on a separate page of paper, attached to the end of your paper proposal.
You will not need a reference page. At least five scholarly sources should be explored and Chicago Style,
MLA or APA cited, with annotations (i.e. clear and concise summaries of the articles of 100-150 words in
your words) and 1-2 sentences indicating its relevance to your proposed topic. The annotated bibliography
should be alphabetized.
Each annotation must indicate 1-3 KEYWORDS searched and which library database was used. If Google or
another search engine was used, indicate the key words searched.


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