Interviewing techniques Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details

 For this assignment, you will read an article that discusses interviewing techniques, and you will then apply what you have learned by creating your own set of interview questions. Oliphant, G. C., Hansen, K., & Oliphant, B. J. (2008). A review of a telephone-administered behavior-based interview technique. Business Communication Quarterly, 71(3), 383-386. Part I: After reading the article, summarize the purpose of the study, and then answer the questions below. ◾ What are the authors’ main points for conducting the study? ◾ Do you agree with the authors’ findings? ◾ What evidence from additional sources supports your opinion? ◾ What are the reasons employers use the employment interview to fill job openings? ◾ How effective do you think behavior-based interviews that are conducted via telephone are? ◾Briefly describe the main features of equal employment laws, and tell how this article demonstrates these features. Part II: Using the knowledge you have accumulated throughout this unit, develop a minimum of five (but no more than eight) non-discriminatory interview questions that you would ask when conducting a telephone interview. These questions should be listed on the last page of your critique. Use the guidelines below to prepare your article critique. ◾ Parts I and II combined must be at least three pages in length. ◾ Summarize the article on page one. Identify the main topic or question. ◾ Identify the intended audience. ◾ Think critically about the article and how it applies to the course when answering the questions. ◾ Organize the material logically by using smooth transitions and by grouping similar material together. Submit Parts I and II as a single document. Format your article critique using APA style. Use your own words, and avoid plagiarism. At least one source other than the article must be used. All sources used must be referenced; any paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format. 

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