Intitiation complex atthe start of translation

1. What makes up the intitiation complex atthe start of translation?

A. a large and a small ribosomal subunit
B. In the nucleus
C. In the nucleolus
D. Anywhere in the cell
E. In the centriole

2. Why is that a carrot plant can express abacterial gene?

A. Because the bacterial genehijacks the carrot’s cellular machinery
B. Because the genetic code is thesame in both organisms
C. Because of the wobblephenomenon
D. Because of the degeneracy ofthe genetic code
E. A carrot cannot express abacterial gene.

3. A mutation causes a G to be inserted afterthe first base of the codon for tryptophan. How will this affectthe growing polypeptide chain?

A. Elongation will stopprematurely.
B. It will not be effected.
C. The reading frame will beshifted, and the wrong amino acids will be aIDed from this pointon.
D. There will be a single aminoacid substitution.
E. None of the above.

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