Introduction of sociology health and physical activity


Please be aware that I will pay more if you add additional paper or words if you contact me. Now you will respond to each of the six questions in Section A, and you may select any two questions from Section B, making a total of eight questions. I’ll include files from the weekly reading so you may use them as a resource.
Any peer-reviewed source included in a student’s answer to a question must be cited by the student.

Each answer to a question should conclude with a separate reference list that follows the UniSA Harvard referencing guidelines.
A SECTION ANSWER ALL of the Section A questions (10 points each). Neither use DOT points nor
The western world has been characterized by social and cultural critics as one that is controlled by capitalism, consumption, media, and new technologies. The “modernist assumptions” that support western growth have been called into doubt in several cases, particularly the idea that technical advancement can ensure progress and the best outcomes for everyone, including the environment. A viewpoint or method of thinking known as postmodernism can be considered a reaction to modernism. Explain postmodern thought. Which problems relating to physical exercise and health have developed since the modern era? Give instances of how these problems can result in disparities in access to and opportunities for health and physical exercise. 2 The techniques for qualitative and quantitative research have developed from several paradigms of thought. Describe and contrast a postmodern (qualitative) approach to research with a modernist (quantitative) one. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each methodological approach and explain why qualitative methods may be used to examine social issues, including health and physical activity. 3 Ideal male and female bodies have grown more potent in a society where having a lean or strong figure denotes self-mastery, freedom, and control. In this situation, advertising actively encourages consumers to feel inadequate and insecure. These social influences encourage our urge to regulate and control our bodies. What are some of the negative effects on health that the modern ideal of a lean or strong body has? 4 Describe how gendered practices that encourage children to inhabit and experience their bodies in very different ways shape the distinct childhood experiences of boys and girls. What difficulties do professionals face as a result of expanding physical opportunities for both sexes? How can we encourage girls to participate in sports and physical exercise in general? “Many forms of deviance in sport are not caused by a disregard or a rejection of social values or norms; instead, they are caused by an unqualified acceptance and an unquestioned commitment to a value system framed by what we refer to as the sport ethic” (Hughes & Coakley 1991, p. 308). Describe the circumstances that cause over-conformity as well as the sports ethic that is mentioned in this sentence. 6 Discuss the effects of environmental conditions on our choice of physical activity and health. What steps can we as professionals take—individually and collectively—to encourage environmentally and physically sustainable behaviors?
B Section Only respond to two of the Section B questions (20 points each). Neither use DOT POINTS nor 1 According to Ruggiero (1998), acculturation is the process by which culture molds us. In Australia, we have been conditioned to view sports and physical activity as intrinsically worthwhile activities. We must critically assess our beliefs and values, as well as our actions in regards to fitness and health, in order to engage in professional thinking that is impacted by the postmodern paradigm. What does it entail to critically think? What are some of the questions we ask and the thought-blocking habits we have? 2. Describe how social practices that enable people to occupy and experience their bodies in very different ways lead to the structuring of various experiences. What difficulties do health professionals face in extending physical possibilities to everyone? One of the main issues facing health professionals in the coming millennium is getting the majority of people to engage in lifetime physical activity. 3 How can we encourage physical activity and sport in particular for people from varied backgrounds? Make a well-informed case for why exercise is important for all Australians. Why is it so difficult to get people to be active? Include in your response issues that affect participation as well as potential strategies that health professionals could use to achieve better results. 4 Abuse in sports refers to any adult behavior that causes minors damage, either directly or indirectly. What types of abuse are there in the world of exercise? Choose one kind of abuse in the context of physical exercise, and then describe the particular variables that lead to its occurrence as well as the universal factors shared by many forms of abuse. 5 A qualitative methodological paradigm is discussed. Describe how the approach of choice enables us to have a deeper understanding of health or exercise. Give an illustration of how this methodology may be applied to a subject in health or physical activity research. 6 Government and corporate sector involvement in sport has expanded as a result of greater government spending on sport. Some have said that sport has been corrupted and has turned into “big business.” Would you support or oppose such a stance? Justify and elucidate your response. “Eating disorders are not always related to food,” says 7. Discuss this assertion. What exactly are eating disorders? What variables affect their growth? Recognize the psychological and physical symptoms of an eating disorder. 8 The Australian government invests a significant amount of money in the Olympic Athlete Program as well as infrastructure to support elite sports participation. The argument is that Olympic success inspires the general public to increase their physical activity. What should be done with public funds in terms of encouraging physical exercise and participation, in your opinion? Justify your stance.

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