*Introduction: starting to explain the instructor of the paper and after that talk about the patient.

In this paper the client would like:
*Introduction: starting to explain the instructor of the paper and after that talk about the patient.
*Discussion: Please include statistics about colon cancer in Australia, and also focus on what is required in the marking rubric attached. Please discuss how life style choices can cause colon cancer, the client’s patient was a smoker and had type 2 diabetes and consumed alcohol (please discuss the effects of alcohol). The client’s father also has colon cancer.
*Pathophysiology: Please write the Pathophysiology of the colon cancer and see the marking rubric for what information this part should have. Moreover talk about
Diagnostic tests: As mentioned previously the patient had to have a Faecal occult blood test (explain this test) and colonoscopy (explain this procedure).
*Nursing management: Examined the abdominal wound , vital signs were recorded every hour to identify signs of infection or deterioration, blood glucose level was monitored, check weight daily to assess fluid status and IVT to avoid dehydration after she vomited with • Ondansetron 4 mg to avoid vomiting. (Give the rational with each assessment). During Explain that because my patient not allow to take any thing orally the doctor change the order to be interventions rather than orally until the bowl sound active.
*Medical Management: explain her medications what this medication for, how it works in the body and side effect. (• Metfromin 500 mg tablet, • Simvastatin 40 mg, orally once daily, • Ondansetron 4 mg, intravenously, Captopril 50 mg, Clexane 40 mg, subcutaneous injection and Oxycodone 10 mg, orally PRN).
*Patient education: see the marking rubric.
*Discharge planning: check the marking rubric.
*Article discussion: The researcher needs to pick one article and discuss it according to the case study. The client would like the researcher to talk about Assessment and Management of patients with postoperative pain. Please compare care given with the article and please use research article. Please check the marking rubric to get more information about this part. I will upload 3 articles which is nursing research according to my case study and look which one is good that you talking about in this part and link with marking rubric. Her 2 articles pick up one which link with my patient and marking rubric and talk about in this part. Also you can use the other if it help you in my paper:
Summary and conclusion: follow the marking rubric
I have did this paper before and I failed please look to my paper and follow marking rubric and do what my touter wants. He wrote a comment on my paper. Please change my paper to follow his comment. please make sure with your referencing : author name, page number, years, title, publish, etc.
Make sure the your referencing is talking about colon cancer not other cancer and do your best to follow the marking rubric. Moreover, do not use look books or look article. Please do you best and use Scopus or Google schooler to get a great books and articles, make sure not looked books or articles and be careful with you referencing you will see my touter comment how he much strike to find the information. Its my last chance to pass this topic and I trust you. Please change what my touter wants according to his comment. Moreover, you will see his comment on my references list there are many references is irrelevant to my case study what we need to change and also how to write the style of references list he give me as example and highlight with read Color. Moreover, I will give you my friend’s assignment it is the same case study to see how she write the discussion part and the Pathophysiology. You can get the idea and avoid any plagiarism from her paper.

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