Inventory Analysis


Resources symbol for a score guide Assessing Inventory Analysis
Template for Microsoft Excel symbol CP7-2
P7-3 template icon for Microsoft Excel
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Exercise Context
To understand how each activity helps you achieve the course competencies and overall program outcomes, refer to the MBA6014 Course Alignment Map.

Activity Guidelines
You will put the numerous cost suppositions discussed in Chapter 7’s inventory cost assumptions to use in this assignment. You will discover and analyze the information included in a particular set of financial statements using your knowledge of inventory.

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Finish Chapter 7 of your Financial Accounting textbook, specifically P7-3 (pages 369–370) and CP7-2 (page 376).

Submission specifications
The provided Microsoft Excel templates must be used to complete all quantitative homework. Create a workbook with several tabs, copying each template for an issue into a different tab, and finish the work there. Send in just this one file to the assignment section. Your name and the assignment number should be included in the file name as well as on each tab of the document. All work should be displayed. Assignments cannot be turned in as PDs.

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