investigate hr policies and then create a napkin pitch summarizing these concepts

Investigate HR policies to prevent or mitigate loss and ensure business continuity.
This includes investigating policies and issues surrounding:

Personnel risk (fraud and error), Physical assets (business 
environments), Relationships (lawsuits), External/regulatory 
(external fraud)
Watch Human Resource Fundamentals (Lynda)
Review FMLA Essentials (LIRN)
Investigate compensation laws, including types of employees, primary 
duty, executive exemption, administrative exemption, professional exemption, computer employee, and sales employee. Social Security, unemployment insurance, workers compensation (provides list of links for multiple areas of compensation)

Investigate child labor laws. While these will often vary in other countries, many companies follow their home country policy unless it is less restrictive. and

What are the laws surrounding equal pay and minimum wage? What happens when you do business or open a branch of the company overseas? and

Retirement Equity Act and COBRA
US Department of Labor- COBRA
Retirement Equity Act and COBRA

Medical Insurance, Medicare, and ACA 

2. Create Napkin Pitches
This will allow you a quick way to summarize the new concepts and communicate it consistently to stakeholders. (See Step 10 for detailed directions)

Choose one of you concepts and lay it out as a napkin pitch
Watch Communicating with Confidence (Lynda)
Watch Giving an Elevator Pitch (Lynda)

3. Upload a recorded Napkin Pitch or Present your Napkin Pitch live to your instructor.
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