1. Executive Summary: Very Good.  No changes necessary.

2. Introduction: Incorporate Iran’s nuclear program and the politics associated with it.  Less on history.  Iran’s nuclear ambitions will be the theme of the report.

3. Demographics: Incorporate charts or tables to visually reflect the demographics.

4. The history of modern state formation, economic development and authoritarianism: Incorporate charts or tables too visually reflect the demographics.

5. The current political events and policies: Begin with two general transitionary expressions to help the reader.  Provide policy pieces with references from The Brookings Institute, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Congressional Quarterly as it pertains to Iran’s nuclear program.  Also, articulate why European countries are not as convinced Iran is in nuclear weapons as opposed to American perspectives.  Remove COVID – 19  from the narrative and focus more on the nuclear aspect.  Incorporate charts or tables to visually reflect the policies.

6. Policy recommendations:  Very Good.  No changes necessary.

Please make sure new references are incorporated with the original references.


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