Is Mercury obligated to perform the October 10 contract?

Specialty defended claiming that Carol was not fired for religious
discrimination but for absenteeism.Is this a case of unfair discrimination? Why or why not?How does the union factor into the result?Will Carol succeed in her discrimination suit? Why or why
not?Scenario 2Mercury Marine Manufacturing, Inc. (Mercury) hired Daniel as
Director of Purchasing. Daniel was authorized to make contracts to buy
materials for Mercury. On many occasions, Daniel contracted to buy fasteners
from Allied Industries. On September 30, Mercury terminated Daniel’s employment.
On October 10, Daniel contacted Allied to purchase materials on behalf of
Mercury. Daniel provided a new delivery address, accepted delivery and
wrongfully kept the materials. Allied was not aware that Mercury terminated
Daniel. On October 15, Mercury provided written notice to Allied Industries
that Daniel had been terminated.When was Daniel’s express authority to act for Mercury
effectively terminated?Did Daniel have authority to make the October 10 contract
with Allied? If so, what type of authority did he have?Is Mercury obligated to perform the October 10 contract?What should Mercury have done differently?

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