Is the packaging process capable?

Canine Gourmet Super Breath dog treats are sold in boxes labeled with a net weight of 9 ounces (255 grams) per box. Each box contains 6 individual 1.5-ounce packets. To reduce the chances of shorting the customer, product design specifications call for the packet-filling process average to be set at 43.5 grams so that the average net weight per box of 6 packets will be 261 grams. Tolerances are set for the box to weigh 261 ± 10 grams. The standard deviation for the packet-filling process is 1.02 grams. The target process capability ratio is 1.33. One day, the packet-filling process average weight drifts down to 42.5 grams. Is the packaging process capable? Is an adjustment needed? Since the process capability index, Cpk isthe process V. (Enter your response rounded to three decimal places.) Since the process capability ratio, Cp i the problem is that V.(Enter your response rounded to three decimal places.)

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