Is there a fundamental moral right to own guns, one which supersedes legal or social considerations?

The most influential (and very likely the most reasonable) view of the relationship between the moral and the legal spheres is that the two areas overlap, but they are not identical. Laws that require drivers to drive under normal conditions on the right side of the street belong exclusively to the legal sphere and have no moral basis. On the other hand, a prima facie obligation to keep a promise to a friend (to meet them for dinner, for instance) is a purely moral matter; we would not want to enforce such promises by means of laws. So there are cases that belong only to the legal sphere and have no moral basis and there are cases that belong exclusively to the moral sphere without a legal counterpart. And there are cases which belong to both spheres: for instance, the prohibition on intentionally and without reason killing someone belongs to both the legal as well as to the moral spheres. Our question, then, is this:
To which of the above three classes the question of gun control belongs?
3. Gun control is clearly not a purely moral issue. After all, our ultimate concern is to answer the question of whether governmental authorities should enact laws that permit, prohibit, or control gun ownership and how such laws are to be justified. While some may view the issue of gun control as primarily, if not exclusively, a legal matter, there is broad consensus on both sides of the issue that ultimately any laws regarding gun ownership must be morally justified. So it seems that the issue of gun control is both a moral issue as well as a legal one. In particular, the question is whether any laws that prohibit, control, or restrict gun ownership are morally justified. We may put this question as follows:
Is there a fundamental moral right to own guns, one which supersedes legal or social considerations?
4. Both essays on this week’s reading list agree that gun control laws must be justified based upon moral considerations. However, they disagree on the question of whether the relevant moral considerations entail a clear and determinate conclusion about the character of gun control laws that are morally justified.

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