Is this an approach that would work across various sales organizations?

Discuss how consumer decision making can be influenced in retailing. Reflect upon the use of marketing consultants for monitoring human behavior. Research an article to support the use of technology in the area of tracking customers in retail stores using maps.
Do you agree with the “Reality of Life” statement by Paco Underhill, Retail Anthropologist? Explain.
How can the old trade practices of 500 years ago work in contemporary retailing? Does Eric Kuhne, Retail Architect, believe in this strategy? Explain.
What are the contemporary lessons that can be learned from the trade practices found in Istanbul? Does this approach work in the U.S.? Explain.
Discuss the acronym AIDA outlined from Geoff Burch, Sales Coach. Describe how this approach may work for some retailers and not for others. Is this an approach that would work across various sales organizations? Explain your position.
Do you agree with the statement by Geoff Burch, “Listen to the customer and nurture them–People love when people show interest in them” Provide at least two examples from your experience as you reflect upon this statement. Think about how this approach would influence your buying decision on a product, service, or brand.
How has the art of using scents influenced buying decisions? Are you surprise at the results from Professor Eric Spangenberg research? Explain.
Evaluate the work from Siemon Skammel-Katz, Retail Consultant, and his use of filming to monitor consumer behavior in stores.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using cameras or other technology devices (e.g. WiFi tracking devices) to monitor consumer behavior.
Apply the situational influences on the consumer decision-making process by selecting a product in which a situational factor is most influential for the product (you have selected). Explain the situational factor and the influences on customer decision making.

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