iscuss what needs to be taken into account in order to deal with them effectively


MGT240. Marketing and Sales

Assignment 4 Marketing Plan

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You work in a company that offers management training. Your market research effort indicates that in your community (you live in New York City), there is hot demand for courses on project management. A number of competitors are offering such courses, and all appear to be doing well.

Your market research effort entailed reviewing the course offerings of competitors, interviewing the training directors at fifteen companies, and conducting a survey of students who have taken at least one of your courses during the past two years. Based on this market research effort, you decide to develop a suite of four courses, each of which lasts two days. They are:

• Project management fundamentals
• Project planning and control
• Project finance and budgeting
• Project risk and quality management

We have just discussed the product above. Now, put together a very short marketing plan that addresses pricing, promotion, and place (i.e., distribution). For each of these items, discuss what needs to be taken into account in order to deal with them effectively (e.g., what do we need to think about when pricing our courses?). Then briefly describe how the item will be handled (e.g., what steps can be taken to promote the courses?).

In putting together your micro-marketing plan, be practical. This micro plan is a first step in getting a handle on your marketing strategy. Ultimately, your company will develop a full scale marketing plan – but that will occur later.

Target length of this assignment: 2-4 pages

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