Jones import and export

Congratulations!! You are starting your own Import/Export business. You will need to submit a full business plan to me (consider me your primary funder). You will be importing from Chinese businesses or you can chose to export to Chinese businesses – or both. Please include the following things in your business plan: 1. Create a “State of the Chinese Market” overview for your funder. 2. How did you go about registering your business and where did you have to register? Include your business name. 3. What product(s) do you plan to import and/or export? Be very specific. 4. How did you find your suppliers and your buyers? 5. Who are your customers and how do you plan to market your goods? 6. What is your logistical plan – how are you getting your products and how are you getting your products to your buyers and customers? 7. What kinds of incoterms do you need (contracts between buyers and sellers)? 8. What are the obstacles you face when dealing with the Chinese market? (be thorough as there are many – from exchange rates to culture) 9. What are the risks and benefits you expect to face as an Import/Export company? Please do not just “answer” these questions. That will result in a failing grade. Put together a comprehensive business plan that will explain all of these suggested question-topics for your funder. There is no designated length for this plan, but be thorough (ask yourself would you be satisfied as a funder to receive this? Would this make you feel confident in your investement?) Use your best PROFESSIONAL judgments when creating this project. This project is due on the last day of class Please site your sources at the end. The book will be a good starting resource but there are many terrific and easy to find information sources online. Understanding tariffs, the WTO, political relationships between governments, international monetary issues are all critical to a good plan.

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