JRN3330 Troy University the Twilight Zone Film Essay

No sources. just own opinions, not the internet’s. Reflect on the themes of the episodes. Did they make you think of something that has affected you, or that makes you think of life in a new and fresh way?Think of writing an opinion piece for a magazine or an editorial for TV or radio.

These are the names and themes of the film:

Where is Everybody? (lonely man wanders through empty town–turned out to be astronaut training for long solo flight)

The Lonely (condemned to exile, a convict gets an unexpected gift from supply ship that helps ease his loneliness)

Eye of the beholder (woman undergoing treatment for her ugliness, which is forbidden by the State)

#12 looks just like you (every teen is expected to be transformed into a beautiful or handsome person with a perfect body at age 18 or so.)

The Obsolete Man (a totalitarian government mandates that everyone who does not contribute to the State is worthless and disposable)

Time Enough at Last (a dedicated reader is thwarted time and again until everyone is killed in a nuclear war except him)

A Passage for Trumpet (Joey Crown is depressed because he only sees what he lacks, not what he has. When he tries to kill himself, he gets a second chance at life)

In Praise of Pip (Max finds out how much his son means to him, but is it too late? Is redemotion possible for the petty criminal and drunk?)

The Last Flight (a pilot from WWI arrives at a 1959 Air Force Base. can he return in time to save his best friend?)

Walking Distance (can a miserable ad agency representative leave the Rat Race of modern life for a simple childhood home?)


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