Justify your response. Describe the vulnerabilities that should concern IS professionals who protect the U.S.s critical infrastructure

Vulnerabilities that should concern IS professionals who protect the U.S. critical infrastructure

The text claims that the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) effort is a significant cybersecurity project that calls for meticulous planning and cooperation to safeguard our infrastructure.

To finish the task, you may refer to the following sources:

The “National Infrastructure Protection Plan” can be found online at http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/NIPP_Plan.pdf.https://www.dhs.gov/topic/critical-infrastructure-security/ is the URL for the DHS Critical Infrastructure Security webpage.http://www.nist.gov/cyberframework/upload/cybersecurity-framework-021214-final.pdf, “NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,”http://www.nist.gov/cyberframework/upload/roadmap-021214.pdf, “NIST Roadmap for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,”Write a 3–5 page paper that includes the following information:

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Interpret the purpose, activities, and obligations of the Department of Homeland Security. Describe the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) efforts, the things they guard against, and the techniques we employ to safeguard our assets. Examine the development of CIP between the DHS’ NIPP and the NIST’s Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity releases. Justify your answer. Identify the risks that IT professionals responsible for safeguarding America’s vital infrastructure should be concerned about. Give three (3) recommendations for enhancing the defense of the key infrastructure of the United States, and explain each one. Indicate the strategic methods that, in your opinion, IS professionals could more effectively function as guardians by evaluating the effectiveness of IS professionals in protecting the United States’ critical infrastructure. Use three or more high-quality sources than those listed above for this task. Note that Wikipedia and websites of a similar nature do not constitute reliable sources.



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