Kansas vs. Kansas State U
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1. If you find yourself having prejudice toward a certain group of people (e.g., overweight people), how do you exercise self-regulation to reduce the prejudice?

2. Suppose you are coaching a basketball team and you find they are divided into two groups: “Jayhawks” and “Wildcats” (i.e., U of Kansas vs. Kansas State U) based on where they are from. And they hate each other. Give a specific plan to reduce their prejudice against each other.

A lot of effort has been bestowed on the methods of reducing prejudice, and they are quite interesting, as you can see from Chapter 14. However, I will like to bring your attention to a study introduced in chapter 10 by Sechrist and Stangor (2001). The detail of the study is at page 377 under “Perceived Social Support,” which happens to be the main focus of my research.

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This study suggests that we, as social animals, do care about other peoples opinion. In just a split second when we realize that people do not agree with us, our stereotypes prejudice goes down—not only explicitly, but also implicitly. To me, this is such a great revelation.

Quick study guide:

Rebound effect
Intergroup contact on reducing prejudice
How to reduce your own prejudice? How to reduce others prejudice?

Sechrist, G. B., & Stangor, C. (2001). Perceived consensus influences intergroup behavior and stereotype accessibility. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 645-654.

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