King Saud Medical City

The Saudi government undertakes to provide medical services to the population free of charge. King Saud Medical City is considered one of the largest health service providers in Saudi Arabia and consists of 3 hospitals. Also, it is the largest medical complex established in the Kingdom, its geographical location, specifically in the capital Riyadh, and the oldest medical institution.


We will work، focus on the job (administrative specialist).

This job was chosen because King Saud Medical City relies on administrative specialists in various fields, such as quality and health statistics, to increase production efficiency and achieve goals.



I need this


focus on the job (administrative specialist)


1- Strategic Job Analysis and Competency Modeling

Tasks and requirements for job success



2- Forecasting and Planning

Forecasting (Job turnover rate)

Planning (Planning future jobs to identify required talent (


3- Identifying Recruits

Internal and external sources of recruitment


4- Recruiting

Job offers with advantages that make the candidate accept the job.


5- Assessing External Candidates

How to Assessment the internal and external candidate for jobs.

External (interview)


6- Assessing Internal Candidates,

Internal (employee annual performance).


7- Choosing and Hiring Candidates:

Based on the internal and external assessment scores, qualified employees are selected.


8- Managing Workforce Flow,

Depending on the employee’s performance and achieving the annual goals, financial benefits are given.

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