Kirill Serebrennikov and “Gogol Center:” why was Serebrennikov arrested? What’s the status of his case now?

Kirill Serebrennikov and “Gogol Center:” why was Serebrennikov arrested? What’s the status of his case now? 5-page description of an event or a particular issue. A higher grade will be given

to a paper that places this specific issue within broader contexts of Russian culture and society that you learned in this class or that you researched independently on your own. In other words, a successful paper will not only show that you have conducted a detailed research of the specific issue from the list below, but will also demonstrate a solid mastery of a range of issues from various parts of this course. Your paper must cite and incorporate at least 3 reputable sources (please note that wikipedia articles do not constitute an acceptable source). Please consult the list of sources on p. 2 of this document for suggestions of sources you could use. List of suggested sources: 1) Johnshon’s Russia List ( Hands down, this is the most comprehensive list of English-language coverage of Russian affairs and daily life. Note that you can subscribe to the list via the “Follow the JRL” link. 2) Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty ( (Links to an external site.)). English-language news focused on issues of democracy and human rights. 3) The Moscow Times ( The only independent English-language daily published in Russia. 4) Russia-related news published in The Washington Post ( or The New York Times ( 5) Russia Matters project supported by Harvard University and Carnegie Corporation (note that you can subscribe to receive Russia-related news to your email): (Links to an external site.) Please include a reference to or citation of the specific materials you used in each entry by providing a link to the sources used (you are also welcome to cite the complete publication information [author, title, year]). General paper Guidelines. Please come up with a title for your paper. Make your title as precise and descriptive as possible. Make sure your paper begins with a specific thesis statement that puts forth a particular, focused argument. The remainder of your paper should develop this argument through the use of evidence, citations, and examples from primary material. Your paper needs to be 5 – 7 pages long, double-spaced, in a 12-point font with 1-inch margins. Please note: bibliography at the end of your paper does not count as part of the 5- 7 pages (i.e. at the very minimum, your paper needs to be 5 full pages + bibliography). When you do cite / consult anything, be sure to give full and proper citation (this also refers to any internet sources, interviews, or reviews). Make sure to use both in-text citation (parenthetical author’s name and, if available, page number of the specific reference) and a bibliography page at the end of your paper. Your paper needs to be submitted in a Word or pdf document format – other formats will not be accepted, absolutely no exceptions. Paper re-submissions will not be allowed. No emailed submissions will be accepted for any reason, no exceptions. Make sure you abide strictly by the University rules about academic dishonesty.

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