Video Analysis Essay Guidelines


 (50 points total)

Each student is required to respond to a series of questions related to the video posted. Students must answer each question in depth and demonstrate learning and understanding.


Instructions: Watch the following video and respond to the questions below in as much detail as possible.




1.     What are some of the reasons why employees fail to disclose their mental health experiences in the workplace?

2.     What were some of the specific things that Mark Bailey’s manager (Susan) did to make him feel empowered to bring his whole self to work?

3.     What are some specific ways that managers and organizational leaders can create a more inclusive environment where employees with different mental health experiences feel safe and supported?

4.     An important part of talent management is supporting employees of different backgrounds. What are some specific policies that can be implemented to support employees with different mental health experiences in a post-pandemic workplace? (Think about three different types of workplaces when you answer this question: the fully in-office workplace, the hybrid workplace and the fully remote workplace)

Additional guidelines:

·       Submit your essay as a word document attachment submitted via Blackboard.

·       Include an APA style reference page at the end of your essay.




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