KPI Presentation

Weekly Readings and Videos

Problem Identification and Resolution (continued).

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 (2020). Bellevue University. 

KPI Meaning, Examples, Calculation & Dashboard Tutorial. Sharma, H. (n.d.).

Problem Identification: The First Step to Successful Problem Resolution. (n.d.).

4 Steps to Develop a High-Performance Team. TONYRUNRUNIT. (n.d.).

136 Key Performance Indicators Examples (The Complete List). Karlson, K. (n.d.).

The Most Valuable Business Analysis Techniques and the Tools to Do Them. (6:36). Angelo Kalevela. (2019, Mar 9).



Use the article, 27 Examples of Key Performance Indicators, to study KPIs. Then, prepare a presentation defining and providing examples for five selected KPIs — one from each of the following categories:

  • Sales
  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Customer
  • Marketing

Presentation Format

  • You may select the format of your choice*
  • PowerPoint (PPT) is recommended for this project
  • If you choose PPT, please adhere to the following format:
    • 7-10 slides maximum (including the title and summary slides)
    • Use Speaker Notes to add detail and explanation to your slides/discussion
    • When narrating, do not just read your Speaker Notes or text on the slides
    • Use spellcheck, and/or Grammarly, and proofread your work closely before uploading

Be sure to review the rubric so you understand what your instructor expects from you:  BMAL Presentation Rubric.pdf

Powerpoint Tips & Tricks


Below are resources and tips to assist in creating PowerPoint (PPT) presentations:

    1. Using PowerPoint: Basic Steps and Presentation Options (4:20). Bellevue University
    2. Use PowerPoint Speaker Notes: Keep notes in the Notes sections to articulate how you will explain the key points presented on the slide
    3. Narrating a PowerPoint creates an audio presentation for each slide
    4. Recording a PowerPoint Video: How to record the presentation and export it as a video
    5. Before presenting, please review the Do’s and Don’ts of Video Presentations




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