Larson Knowledge Management Case Study

Larson Knowledge Management Case Study

Larson Knowledge Management Case Study


Guidelines for Assignments


Below you will find information about all assignments, course requirements, and grading/evaluation criteria. Please review the information for each assignment before you submit it.

Case Study Summary Guidelines

You will present a case study of an existing KM program that has been reported on in an article or book. You can find a case example from a journal article in the Walden electronic library or through an Internet search. If you select a case study from an Internet search, be sure that it is a credible source!

The assignment should not exceed three (3) pages of double-spaced type, exclusive of the title and reference page. It is to be written in APA style, including title page, body of report, and all sources properly cited.

You are to summarize the case study as presented in the article. Your summary should include:

  • The company’s name and brief explanation of what business they are in
  • What type of KM programs were implemented?
  • How the KM programs were implemented
  • The length of the study (if known)
  • What the outcomes were, etc.

Essentially, summarize the case information and discuss your opinion of the program―its positives, negatives, benefits, etc.―with respect to everything you have learned to date in the course on KM. In other words, be sure to bridge this case analysis to the required readings. It is not necessary to report everything in the article―you only need to report the significant and relevant KM-related information.

Your case study summary grade will be based on the quality of the case chosen, the credibility of the source of the case chosen, the summary presentation that includes the outcomes experienced by the company, the bridge made to the required readings, and the quality of your comments.

Individual Case Study Summary Checklist

Please make sure each bullet point below is covered in the paper:


Points Possible


Points Earned
  • Introduction and Purpose
  • Explanation of Business
  • Identification of KM programs
  • Description of Implementation
  • Discussion of Outcomes
Mechanics and Quality of Writing (writing flow, grammar, paper format, spelling) 7.0
Outside Research: Citations and Reference Page (quantity and quality of sources, APA style) 6.0
Total Points for Assignment (35)




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