Late Adulthood: Aging and Stress


Part 1: Aging

A. What does successful aging look like and/or mean to you? Think of someone you know who is aging successfully. What personal qualities led you to select that person? Think of someone you feel is having some challenges with aging. What circumstances led you to think of this person?

B. Why is it important to understand aging adults’ perceptions of their circumstances – i.e., physical changes, health, negative life changes, and social support? How do perceptions of most older people promote psychological well-being?


Part 2: Stress

A. What is the difference between stress and a stressor? What are some stressors that one might experience in adulthood? What are some coping mechanisms for stress? What are some stressors that you have experienced and how have you coped with it/them?

B. In the Visualizing Development graphic titled ‘Stress in Adulthood’, the chart shows that stress decreases as individuals get older. What might be some reasons for this?

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