Interview with a leader and reflection paper

Leadership Interview and Reflection Paper Assignment

Interview a woman or a member of a minority group who holds a leadership position. The person must be in charge of overseeing other workers in some way. The interview can be conducted in person, over the phone, or by email.
Write an 825-word essay in which you discuss the interview and the ideas covered in the module.
Submit both the reflection paper and the transcript of the interview.
Include the leader’s name, job, employer, or industry they work in, and tenure in that role in your interview transcript. Include at least 10 questions and answers covering the following topics:
1. Give a brief description of the company you work for, including its culture and your duties as a leader.
2. Describe your management philosophy.
3. Describe the actions you took to achieve your current position of leadership.
4. What has been your greatest leadership challenge?
5. What is your greatest leadership accomplishment?

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You should consider the following in your reflection:
1. What have you learned from doing this interview regarding the relationship between women, culture, and leadership? How does this enhance your capacity for leadership?
2. If anything, what about the interview shocked you?
3. Were there any variations in the leaders’ replies that might be explained by differences in gender or culture with regard to the leadership behaviors covered in the module?

Create this assignment in accordance with APA standards.

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