Learning and Talent Development

Learning and Talent Development

Part A (1,000 words) Critically evaluate the important elements that organizations should take into account when determining the efficacy and morality of their recruitment and selection procedures. Instead of attempting a too-broad debate, it is advisable that you concentrate on one particular subject addressed in the module. In order to implement best practices in your chosen field, you should draw on the theories, models, and concepts discussed in this session. (1,000 words) Section B Economic slowdowns are frequently accompanied by increased unemployment and a decline in the demand for the products and services of businesses. Analyze how companies should modify their performance management and compensation practices during economic downturns, drawing on applicable theoretical frameworks learned in this subject. You can use specific companies, industry contexts (such as manufacturing, retail, etc.), and countries (such as the UK, Germany, China, etc.) to demonstrate your point. ASSIGNMENTS OF COURSEWORK PIECES A AND B Details / Description of the Task This assignment consists of two sections and your answers to both sections A and B are required. The weighting of Parts A and B is equal. The combined contribution should not contain more than 2,500 words, and it should be submitted as a single document. Citations in the main text are included in the word count, but tables, graphs, and the list of references at the end of the assignment are not. Presentation specifications: Maximum word count is 2500 words. 12 Lines of Font Spaces are doubled. It is recommended to reference using the APA or Harvard style (the reference list does not count toward the word count). It is acceptable to incorporate diagrams, figures, and tables; these do not count toward the word count. Submission Time & Date: Date: Monday, August 24, at 12:00 p.m. UK Assessment 70% of the module’s final mark will be weighted. Assessment of Module Learning Outcomes: Analyze the importance of measuring and evaluating people in organizations. Examine critically the following assessment techniques: screening instruments, interviews, psychometric testing, evaluation, development centers, and emerging innovative strategies. Analyze critically the techniques used by organizations to manage performance, pay, and benefits. Assessment Standards: the capacity to conduct a critical evaluation of pertinent literature. Show that you are able to read widely and conduct independent research that goes beyond the materials covered in lectures. the capacity to lateral think across topics studied in this session in order to respond to the essay question Make a reasoned, logical argument that makes sense. When possible, use evidence from published sources to bolster arguments. Clearly cite and/or quote your sources of information in the essay’s primary body. At the conclusion of the essay, include an extensive list of citations. Assessment Standards: The qualities listed below must all be present for your assignment to receive a mark at the highest / Distinction level (70%+). It will: Throughout, clearly and immediately address the specified question. Present compelling proof of your thoughtful analysis, extensive reading, and independent scholarship. Possess incredibly well-formed, linked, and developed arguments and analysis. Throughout, maintain a clear structure. Have references that are thoroughly documented and formatted consistently. The following characteristics must be present in your assignment for it to receive an intermediate or Merit level grade (60–69%). It will Clearly and directly respond to the assigned question overall. Give strong justification for your reading, critical thinking, and independent scholarship. Possess well-formed, connected, and developed arguments and analysis. Have an evident structure. Have references that are thoroughly documented and formatted consistently. The qualities listed below must be present in your project for it to receive a mark at the pass level (50–59%). This will largely answer the predetermined question but may also contain information that is not explicitly related. Provide only a few examples of your ability to reason, read, and conduct independent research. It has some indications of analytical reasoning, though it’s possible that this isn’t fully developed. It has a structure that is ambiguous or perplexing. It has references that aren’t formatted consistently.


Part A of Learning and Talent Development The selection and recruitment processes have seen a significant evolution during the past ten years. In the past, the hiring procedure was completed promptly to fill the open post. The hiring process is more complicated now because having the proper workers has a significant impact on an organization. Companies should abide by the many ethical principles, such as fairness, honest advertising, providing equal opportunity for everyone, and enacting anti-discrimination laws in order to choose the best candidates. Companies are using digital screening methods to analyze applicants as a result of ongoing technological improvements (Tosca, Ionita, Stanescu & Stanciu 2019). These tools include the use of artificial intelligence, psychometric tests, and online interviews. To improve the efficacy and morality of the hiring and selection processes, businesses must think about elements including evolving technology, ethical theories, and anti-discrimination laws. False advertising is one of the most frequent ethical problems managers encounter during the recruitment and selection process. The demand for jobs in the market is considerable due to the significant rise in US unemployment rates over time. As a result, several businesses have engaged in deceptive advertising in an effort to provide a socially responsible image to the public (Dos Santos, Pais, Cabo-Leito & Passmore 2017). Deceptive advertising is a common ethical problem in many businesses. Managers are responsible for making sure that the media advertisements accurately depict the position being advertised. The job’s duties and responsibilities, as well as the remuneration offered, should be true in the advertisement. [Click here to buy the complete response]

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