Learning Plan

In at least 400 words, summarize your thoughts on learning techniques and which methods you think will work best for you (or come up with your own). 

Next, develop a 4-week plan for improving your learning skills. This plan should:

-Identify at least one difficult course you are taking this semester
(I have one course that I some difficulty and that course is the computer science course, I find it hard to understand coding)

-A  set of 3 achievable tasks for each week related to your learning approach to the course(s).  These tasks should not include existing course elements like homework and quizzes. 

See the rubric below the videos for grading details.

Submission:  Submit a Word document containing the following to Canvas by the deadline:

-400 word summary on learning techniques you researched and methods you think will work for you

-4 week plan that includes all elements outlined above


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