Learning Support Centers

 Your paper should provide some background on Supplemental Instruction—its origin and introduction into learning support centers. You should address the purpose(s) of Supplemental Instruction including the persons it is designed to serve; describe its various components, the way(s) in which it is delivered and the mechanics of it (how it works); identify problems or challenges in its delivery; and describe its effectiveness or success. This paper is basically a literature review on the program or service you select. You will need to search for articles and studies (both print and electronic) about the program or service. The items listed should be addressed in the order presented. The items should also be used (with some rewording as needed) as headings in your paper. Addresses approved topic Background of program/service (including introduction into LSCs) Purpose of program/service (including targeted population) Program/service components Delivery method/how it works Problems/challenges in delivery Effectiveness/success

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