learning theories principles and health education model

For this discussion you will review the learning theories discussed in your textbook beginning on page 124. Choose 1 theory that you believe would best fit the target population who are experiencing or at risk for a health problem you identified in module one.
Below are the Model I identified in model one (Choose one to write on)
1. Risk of inadequate prenatal care amongpregnant mother residing in Franklin County of Ohio related to high literacy rate and lack of motivation
2. Risk for cardiovascular disease among residents of Franklin county Ohio related to lack of knowledge about the risk factors.
As part of the discussion you will:
–Review learning theories, principles and health education models (p.124), select one theory and apply to your diagnosis.
-Define the learning theory and describe its major components.
-Discuss how you might apply it when addressing one of the health problem for a target population in your community.Narrow your population to a focused group, such as a classroom, church group or another reasonably sized group.
-List 2 – 3 teaching strategies you could use for your aggregate.
For example, if you have chosen childhood obesity as your identified health problem in week one, describe the learning theory that would work best with children ages 8 – 10, and explain why you believe that learning theory would work best with it.
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