learning theory
How can the social learning theory be used to guide the use of technology in schools to maximize learning?

The instructions are:
Include the following elements in your research paper:
• Introduction Which question did you choose and why? What were you looking for?
• Background Briefly explain the theory or theorist on which your paper is based.
• Body Include two or three sections, each with its own heading, that explain the main categories of what you found out about your topic/question.
• Summary of the Findings
• Conclusion How would you answer your original question?
• References Use APA format for the in-text citations and a reference page at the end of the paper. Include at least seven current (meaning not less than ten-years old) articles (not books, except for our text). Your reference page is the last page of your paper.
• Writing Your paper must be well-written (graduate level vocabularydo NOT use contractions), and free from grammatical, format and typing errors. YOU CAN USE “I”

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