Learning to read

During my early childhood my parents used to read stories to me every night before I even learned my vey fist words. As I grew a bit older and developed my speech apparatus I had always enjoyed the simple stories that used to make my every evening menu before I went to sleep. Eventually I kind of got bored to listening and wished I could read out the stories on my own especially to my dad. My parents were quick to notice this and were very supportive in helping me learn to read. They would buy me books with many colorful pictures of family members, animals and different types of food that had names besides them. I really enjoyed staring at the book imitating my dad as he read the news paper at home or in the car as we travelled. As I each day admired the different types of pictures I would also look at the name and pronounce them with my parent’s assistance. Learning from then on became an experience full of fun as I looked forward to reading more books and watching more pictures. My parents would take me to the libraries and ask me to pick children’s book that I thought I would enjoy reading and stocked my small library. As we to the zoos, parks and drive ways my parents would always engage me in reading each and every name we came along in aIDition to trying to explain their meaning. All this I credit to my quick progress in learning how to read and I think this can be very helpful in working with young children while helping them learn how to read.


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