Lewin’s model of change | Environmental science homework help

Spector introduces the concept of organizational change, and in particular, Lewin’s Model of Change. Hoffman applies this model to sustainability topics.

Why is employee motivation important to behavioral change?
Why is it so difficult to motivate employees to change their behavior?
How does this relate to the “unfreezing” stage of Lewin’s and Hoffman’s change model?
Review the vignette below. Using the steps of org change, develop a strategy for creating sustainability change.

You are the new sustainability director at EMCA, Inc., a U.S.-based company that is expanding its operations to the European Union. You’ve completed an assessment of EMCA’s sustainability impacts and have found that, compared to its competitors, EMCA has unusually high greenhouse gas emissions. You have expressed concerns to EMCA’s CEO. However, she is not interested in addressing the problem, because the chair of EMCA’s board has stated publicly that, “Emitting carbon is legal and business as usual if profitable.”
Length: 525 words+



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