List and briefly describe the many sources of stress

Stress and Health

List and briefly describe the many sources of stress, according to the textbook.
1. List and briefly describe the many sources of stress, according to the text.
2. Explain fight-or-flight
3. Stress is the physiological response to a stressor. Explain what happens neurologically when the brain/body goes into stress response.
4. Describe the general adaptation syndrome.
5. Describe the effects of stress on the immune system.
6. Explain the optimistic explanatory style and the pessimistic explanatory style.
7. Compare and contrast problem-focused and emotion-focused coping strategies.
8. List five of your most common stressors. What specific technique could (do) you use to minimize or cope with each of these stressors?
9. Explain—– “Stress can be beneficial to you. There is good stress and bad stress.”
11.Critical Evaluation- Conduct an online search for a FREE test that calculates your stress level. Post the link here. Do you think this to be a “credible and reliable” test? Why? Evaluate the test and your results. Is this test accurate? Are you overly stressed? Under-stressed? Should you take the results seriously? If so, list three things you can do NOW to help manage the stress, based on what you learned in this assignment.

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