List and briefly explain the 6 factors that made Spanish settlement in New Mexico successful

HW Geography
5 LIST/SHORT ANSWER – Worth 10 points each: 50 points.
1) List the 8 eras of New Mexico geography: name three Athabaskan Nations and three Pueblo Nations
2) List and briefly explain the 6 factors that made Spanish settlement in New Mexico successful
3) List and briefly explain 4 types of land grants given by Spain and Mexico: explain three ways land grants were lost during the American Period, and say how many acres of the original grants were retained.
4) Briefly explain how the Manhattan Project happened in New Mexico. In your view, was dropping the atomic bombs on Japan the right thing to do – explain your opinion using facts. How has this history affected New Mexico’s economy today?
5) List and briefly explain 6 landscape traits created by the Laws of the Indies
10 EXPANDED DEFINITIONS – Define and explain each term. 4 points each: 40 points.
Chihuahuan Desert: where is it, what season does it rain, and what is a typical plant found here?
Don Juan de Oñate: who was he, what year did he come to NM, and what was his significance in the history of New Mexico?
El Camino Real: what was it and why was it important?
Repartimento: what was this system and how did cause anger in the early Spanish colony?
Pueblo Revolt: when and what was it, and what was its outcome?
Santuario de Chimayo: write a paragraph explaining its history and religious importance
Mayordomo: who is this and what is their importance in the New Mexico landscape?
US/Mexico Border Fence/Wall: what are the arguments for and against this project. What is your view?
La Llorona: what is this basic story and what is its importance in NM culture?
Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus: what was this, why did it occur, and what was its importance in U.S. military history?
ONE ANALYSIS QUESTION: Explain why there was so much resistance in Washington, DC to New Mexico becoming a state. Use two quotes from politicians of the time who were against statehood. Do you think New Mexico is still viewed with suspicion in the USA? Explain why or why not? 10 points.

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