List and explain briefly three (3) advantages and three (3) disadvantages which could arise for Australian Char if their new product is introduced to Chile and Mexico ahead of competitors.

Australian Char

Australian Char is looking for new markets for Heat Beads Easy-Lite Briquettes, their most recent invention, an easy-to-light barbecue fuel. You have been asked to conduct a preliminary examination of the socioeconomic situations in Chile and Mexico, two countries in Latin America. You must submit a brief report to Australian Char that includes the following information: (A) Four conclusions that would be important to their choice of which nation’s market to enter; be sure to connect them to Australian Char’s operations. (C) Benefits and drawbacks of being a market pioneer. Part (A) You have gathered information on a number of factors that may be pertinent to Australian Char’s strategy to export its briquettes to these nations, and you have summarized them in the table below. You are not required to cite the sources of your data or any information you paraphrase from your textbook for this assignment. However, you must follow proper APA citation and referencing guidelines if you use direct quotes from your textbook or any other sources to back up your interpretation of the data. (3 points each = 12 points) While Australian Char’s Heat Beat is a well-known product internationally, you can see that their Easy-Lite product would have a first-mover edge in these two nations given that it makes barbeques easy to ignite and keeps food from tasting of accelerant. Australian Char might gain by releasing their goods before rivals. Being the first to enter a market, however, can come with drawbacks or first-mover disadvantages. List and quickly explain the three (3) benefits and the three (3) drawbacks that Australian Char might experience if their new product is presented to Chile and Mexico before rivals.



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