List the composition of intangible assets in the chosen company. (2 marks) 2) Evaluate the identifiability, acquisition and recognition of intangible asset presented in the financial statements of the chosen company. (6 marks)

company’s intangible assets

Give a breakdown of the company’s intangible assets. (2 markings)
2) Assess the identification, purchase, and recognition of intangible assets listed in the chosen company’s financial accounts. (6 markings)

Details of the 2016 report ACC00145 S3
Due at 5 p.m. Monday, January 23, 2017 (12th week)
20 percent of the total
Special Guidelines:
• Each student needs to select a business that is traded on the ASX, or Australian Stock Exchange. Look for the 2014–2015 or 2015–2016 fiscal year’s annual report. Never utilize a condensed financial report or a half-year financial report; always use an entire yearly report.
• You must add a post to the discussion board under “Reserve a company here” in order to reserve your business. Include the chosen company’s name and code in the post’s description. The reservation is null and void if the firm name is included to the message rather than the description line because it won’t be readily apparent to other users.
• They will be assigned on a first come, first served basis to make sure that your choice of a company does not overlap with one already chosen by another student.
• This report’s word count shouldn’t go beyond 1,500 words (executive summary, references, and appendices excluded). If you didn’t adhere to this instruction, you’ll lose 10% of your final score.
• Make the electronic Assignment Cover Sheet the first page of your assignment by using it, filling in the required information, and saving it. It should not be sent separately.
• Your last name, your student number, and the name of the business you selected for your project should appear in the file name of the report, in that sequence. For instance, “Parker1235456xyz.”
• Word documents must be used to submit your tasks. Please discuss this with your lecturer before to the submission deadline if you desire to submit in any other file type. Please be aware that you cannot submit the report as a PDF file.
• Unless otherwise specified, all assignments must be turned in online using the Turnitin assignment submission link that is available on the Blackboard website.
• If references are used in the report, they should be cited using the Harvard Referencing Style. A web link to the chosen company’s annual report should be included in the reference list together with all other documents used to support the report.
Reporting instructions
In order to complete this work, you must write a report evaluating and commenting on data on intangible assets (apart from goodwill) found in an ASX-listed company’s annual report. Your evaluation or comments should adhere to the pertinent Australian accounting standards (AASBs) 138 Intangible Assets and 136 Asset Impairment. You should speak to the following points in the report:
1) Describe the make-up of the company’s intangible assets. (2 markings)
2) Assess the identification, purchase, and recognition of intangible assets listed in the chosen company’s financial accounts. (6 markings)
3) Examine how the selected company measures and amortizes intangible assets. (5 markings)
4) Assess the identification and measurement of the company’s intangible asset impairment. (4 markings)
5) Discuss if the selected company discloses enough information (disclosure) in the annual report regarding AASB 138 and AASB 136. (3 markings)
Additional details about the report:
• The report must have an executive summary, a body of contents that addresses the aforementioned topics, and a reference section.
• The requirements of AASB 138 Intangible Assets and AASB 136 Asset Impairment should be used as the standards for your report.
• The reference list should also contain any other sources cited in the study, such as yearly reports. In the reference list, don’t forget to include a link to the annual report.
• The Appendix should contain any sections that were taken directly from the annual report or AASB to support your report. In your report, you should also include specific page numbers from the annual report as well as AASB paragraph numbers as in-text references, such as annual report note 10 and AASB 136.10(a). You will receive a lower grade if you choose to disobey this directive.
Assessment standards:
The following four criteria will be used to evaluate the report’s quality:
1) Identify and demonstrate the accounting principles used.
2) Use relevant passages from the Australian Accounting Standard as a guide to help you organize your thoughts.
3) Give an example (or examples) from the annual report to demonstrate how the concept(s) or principle(s) of accounting that were addressed have been applied.
4) Display strong communication skills, citations, logical presentation, and integrated evaluation.


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