Literacy Learning Plan

Lesson planning can be a challenge for new and veterans’ teachers alike. New teachers have the challenge of getting familiarized with the curriculum and finding ways to invigorate the students, since it can be sometimes daunting for them. For veteran teachers, keeping the lesson fresh, engaging, new and having the idea flow is a tough. This is where a curriculum map comes in handy. A curriculum map or learning map help visualize the organized content, skills, assessments and the needed resources for the curriculum. They use the curriculum that is adopted by the district and follow the common core state standards. They also collaborate with other same grade level teachers to talk about what is working and what we can improve on or different strategies that might work in our classroom. They feel that rules, routines, and classroom management are huge. If you don’t have that, the students have no structure. Most teachers spend a few weeks at the beginning of the year practicing the rules and routines they have in their classroom so things will run smoothly. They all seem structured so their students know when they do our small group time, math time, and calendar time so they know what to expect next. As the year progresses they tend to differentiate more, but for the beginning of the year the children don’t know the sight word “I” so they all do the same activities at the beginning of the year. As they develop more, teachers will make the small group work more challenging for those who need it NOTE TO WRITER: You will use the template provided named : Learning Map -Group A KEY NOTES: We will be using the California Common Core Literacy for 7th grade (link is provided in the Learning Map – Group A template at the top of page. We will focus on Standard #4 & #5 located on page 59 of the PDF for Production & Distribution of Writing. Our teaching approach will be Progressive – see paper on ‘Autobio & Philosophy – Teresa Till’ Modifications for special needs students aka ELL (English Language Learners) will be needed to reflect the standard, teachers approach and need of student.

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