LO3 Safeguarding Order Description

A case study A mother killed one of her children in each of the recent high-profile serious case evaluations and criminal trials, despite the involvement of numerous agencies in the child’s life.
The first included Daniel Pelka, a four-year-old boy.


, a resident of Coventry, who was targeted by his mother and her partner for abuse and neglect up to his death from a blow to the head in March 2012.
The second was Keanu Williams, a little child from Birmingham who died in early 2011 after suffering 37 different injuries. His mother had inflicted these traumas on him.
The last was Amand a Hutton’s conviction at Bradford Crown Court for the grave neglect and manslaughter of her four children.

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Hamzah Khan, a senior son. Two years after the boy’s death, his mummified bones were discovered in his crib in September 2011 in the filthy apartment where other kids were residing.
Making sure that there are multi-agency policies and procedures for protecting and advancing the welfare of children is one of the Safeguarding Childrens Board’s main responsibilities. This covers handling accusations made against those who work with children as well as the choosing and hiring of the individuals who do so. Agencies, organisations, and volunteers who deal with children and their families have a duty to ensure that there are policies, protocols, and procedures in place to support these multi-agency safeguarding arrangements.
1. Using the aforementioned case studies, describe the current working methods and measures intended to reduce abuse in the context of health and social care in the first portion of your report.
2. Using the aforementioned case studies, evaluate the efficacy of the working methods and tactics employed to reduce abuse in a health and social care context in the next portion of your report.
3.Using the aforementioned case studies, you must finally discuss potential adjustments to working procedures and existing prevention methods for abuse in a health and social care context in the following portion of the report.
Please number the responses and include references from the UK.



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