Love and lust

The word count of the essay must be between 700-750 words. This does not include header, title, Works Cited page, etc.

1.Choose one of the themes we have covered:
Love and lust

2.Choose two (2) poems from our class readings that focus on your theme pairing of choice (see bullets above). Which two poems do you gravitate towards most? Which do you feel you “digested” well enough, have a strong handle of, and can write a thorough analysis on? 
3. Find two elements ( hyperbole , imagery, and metaphor)for each poem that you thought were not only special and effective but also conveyed the poem’s theme. In other words, how did you know the poem was about conformity and rebellion? Based on what devices?  All literary devices must go in order as shown hyperbole, imagery , and metaphor when writing the body paragraphs.

1. You are to explain how both poems compare and contrast. 
2. Find one source to back up any claim you made in your paper (we will cover this more in depth in class next week.)
3. Do not forget your Works Cited page. You will either be citing poems from the internet; most poems are sourced from Additionally, you should cite your secondary source you used in your writing process.
4. Use strong vocabulary to compare and contrast each poem.
Plan B
1. Introduction – get the reader interested with a hook – perhaps provide a historical angle or brief biographies of poets only if it contributes to your thesis. Random facts just ramble. 
2. Body #1: Device #1- analyze how both poems either compare or contrast under the same device. 
3. Body #2: Device #2 – analyze how both poems either compare or contrast under the same device. 
4. Body #3: Did the time period or personal life of each poet influence the subject of the poems? 
5. Conclusion 


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